5 ‘Big’ Things in Australia to See

When you’re making plans to head to the land down under, you have a massive amount of stuff to see. With more than 50,000 kilometres of coastline, there are over 10,000 beaches to visit, plus all the landmarks like the Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG or ‘G to the locals), the myriad sporting events and a heck of a lot more.

But one thing you might not be aware of is that the country is FULL of really… well, huge things. In fact, there are an estimated 150-plus big things to check out all over Australia, aside from the large pints of beer you can get here. While I was there, I made a point to visit quite a few of them so I could provide you with what I believe to be the most impressive ones to see while there. Some of them are a little bit of a trek to get to, but you’ll find that most are reasonably easy to get to either by train or bus.

Big Banana in Coffs Harbour (NSW)

One of Australia’s first ever big ‘things’, the 15-metre long Big Banana can be found in Coffs Harbour which is either a few hours’ south of the Gold Coast or over five  hours north of Sydney, depending on where you’re located. I loved the mini golf course and the toboggan ride, as well as learning a bit about it all in the theatre. It was a bit cool while I was there so I didn’t hit up the water park but it looked like it would be super-fun, so if it’s hot when you go, take your swimming gear with you!

Big Pineapple in Sunshine Coast (QLD)

Looming a whopping 16 metres tall, the Big Pineapple itself really is a very cool thing to get a picture with (taken from quite far back, as you can imagine!). I have to say, the region it’s located within, the Sunshine Coast in the state of Queensland, is an unmissable destination for anyone who loves sunshine, surf beaches that aren’t hugely crowded, and a laid-back atmosphere. 

But back to the Big Pineapple. Since I visited, the owners have begun adding some fun activities like the TreeTop Challenge which is a high ropes and zipline course, though I’m not sure when this will be officially opened. 

Big Ned Kelly in Glenrowan (VIC)

For those not in the loop, Ned Kelly is an infamous bushranger, an outlaw who robbed stores and killed police officers, and famously wore a full suit of bulletproof armour and helmet during his final shootout. The Big Ned Kelly stands six metres high in front of the Glenrowan Post Office. 

Big Lobster, Kingston SE (SA)

Known affectionately as Larry the Lobster, the sculpture in Kingston SE in South Australia is a massive 17 metres tall, a little over 15 metres long and almost 14 metres wide. Walking up to it, I was legitimately blown away by its sheer size. It’s just over three hours by bus from Adelaide, and the town it’s located in is itself worth a walk-around; it’s a really nice little regional Australian town with loads of charm.

Big Merino in Goulburn (NSW)

With such a rich history of wool, I couldn’t put a list of the best big things in Australia without including the Big Merino. It’s a little more than 15 metres high and you can either take a bus or train from Sydney for a couple of hours to get there. I personally chose a train just because I wanted to see how the Australian trains were like (I’d only just arrived in Australia at that time).