Nicest Beaches in South America
(... and possibly the world)

Are you someone who sets their desktop background to a picturesque image of a gorgeous beach somewhere you’ve never been but long to experience in person? The photo you chose is very likely to be of a beach somewhere in South America – and here are a few I visited that, for those who crave a beach holiday, are not to be missed.


Zapallar in Chile

When you arrive at Zapallar beach, you’re met with a view you’ll probably remember forever. With glorious golden sands curving around the shoreline and rocks at either end stretching far into the ocean, you can enjoy a relaxing swim in the relatively tranquil water and even share some laughs with the local families that are down there with you.


Copacabana in Brazil

So, yes, maybe I added this purely because of how famous it is. And really, it’s absolutely crowded as heck the majority of the time (well it certainly was while I was there, anyway!), but it’s actually a really great spot to check out if not for anything but to play some football on the beach or even just people-watch. And with bars and clubs littering the road just off the beach, it’s a good location if you’re up for a bit of partying and dancing.


Lopes Mendes on Ilha Grande Island in Brazil

Hop onto a taxi boat and for a reasonable fee and short hike once you reach Ilha Grande Island – you’ll be presented with perhaps the most beautiful beach you’ll ever see in your life. One of the great things about Lopes Mendes beach is the distinct lack of development which means you’ll struggle to see any buildings – or other people, for that matter. Stretch out on the white sand and enjoy the serenity of your surroundings while reading that book you’ve wanted to read for the last few months/years.


Punta del Diablo in Uruguay

For those of you who just want to take time away from everything to really relax and recharge your batteries, I can’t recommend Punta del Diablo (Tip of the Devil) enough. There are some really nice waves here for those keen to head out for a surf or bodyboard, and because it’s a real surf town you’ll adore how chilled and laid back everyone in the whole town is. Super good vibes here.There are of course a load of beaches that missed this list, but from the places I visited these were the ones that far and away stood out. Have you visited a beach you think tops all of these? Reach out to me and say hi and let me know – I’m always happy to hear from a fellow traveler about a place they think I should visit on my next trip!