SE Asia’s (relatively) Untouched Destinations
You Can’t Miss

When you head to any of the beautiful countries in SouthEast Asia, you’re often initially met with either a densely populated city or tourist-dense beach where you hear more people from your own country than you do locals. And when I travel, this is really one of the last things I want to happen. 


I’ve spent lots of time traveling around SouthEast Asia, through countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Laos, Indonesia, Singapore and Laos. During my travels, I’ve been lucky enough to learn of places that are away from the busy-ness and general debauchery of heavy touristy areas. Here are a few of those places for you to check out yourself!


Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia


While all the crowds will be checking out Angkor Wat, you can escape the noise pollution and experience some amazing mountainous ranges including the highest peak in Cambodia (Phnom Aural). If you’re like me and love good hiking trails, you’ll be spoiled for choice, and might even see a wild elephant while you’re there – it’s one of the very last corridors for wild elephants.


I took a tour to get there that included heaps of other cool activities like snorkeling and a bike tour too, but I’m sure you can find your own way if you decide to make the trip yourself.


Lake Toba in Indonesia


Located on the world’s sixth-largest island (and an absolute paradise in its own right) of Sumatra, it’s a real surprise you don’t find more tourists there. It was created due to two massive volcanic eruptions with an island right in the middle – that’s actually as big as Singapore – called Samosir. As you can imagine, there’s a heap of stuff to do like hiking, swimming, traditional dance performances, and loads of wildlife. 


My absolute favourite part of staying there was the absolute peace felt just sitting and taking in the surroundings – they’re next-level.


Nong Khiaw in Laos


One of my favourite things to do when I’m traveling is spending quality time with the locals. If that’s your bag too, you’ll absolutely love visiting Nong Khiaw! You’ll be surrounded by traditional tribal villages full of people with the best smiles around, and once you’ve had a great time with everyone in the village you’re sure to enjoy the landscapes including cliffs, river and sunsets to die for.


Non-Nuoc Village in Vietnam


I actually think Non-Nuoc Village is home to the best beach in Vietnam, and yet… somehow you’ll see very few people there. The village itself is located at the very bottom of Marble Mountain (hence being known as ‘Marble Village’) and one of the reasons I loved it here so much was that you look one way and there’s an amazing mountain ready to be hiked, then look the other way and you’ve got some seriously incredible beaches. Best of both worlds AND no crowds? You can see why it’s not to be missed!


While traveling around Asia, be sure to stay away from the scams that have torn plenty of tourists apart. I’ve got this documented too, so fret not!