Top 5 Must-Eats in the USA

When I was touring around the States, there was one thing I really could never get past which was the sheer sizes of the portions when eating at a cafe or restaurant. I have to say, as a bit of a foodie myself, it was pretty amazing actually!

Now, while I didn’t eat out TOO much (I live rather frugally on my travels), I did take the opportunity to hit up some incredible eating spots. Here are the top 5 places I visited for a feed while I was traveling around the USA (in no particular order!):


Beignets in New Orleans

They’re not exactly donuts because they lack the characteristic hole in the middle, but if I had to explain the taste I’d say this: think of the best donut you’ve ever tasted, and multiply that by 50. They’re seriously good, so good in fact they should be illegal. Remember to wolf it down while it’s still hot, though, if you want it in its most delicious form.


Double Doubles at In-N-Out Burger (lots around the USA)

I actually have no idea how or why these are as good as they are. On the surface, it’s effectively a double cheeseburger with some extra salad on there, but wow. Just… wow. This is hands-down the absolute best burger I have ever tasted bar none. It’s an absolute must to munch one of these down when you’re in the US.

Hot Dogs in New York City

You might think this is more to just be able to say ‘yeah I’ve had a street hot dog in NYC’, but if you go to the right street vendor, you won’t regret getting one. I had two while I was there; one was a bit ‘meh’ but the other was super-tasty, so I guess they can be a bit hit-and-miss, but if all else fails ask a local for their recommendation – you’ll be surprised how genuinely nice New Yorkers are.

Pizza Slices in Chicago

I might get railroaded for saying this, but I have to say between NYC and Chicago, the Chicagoans have the upper hand when it comes to pizza. Their ‘top pizza joints’ list seems to be ever-changing as each year everyone brings their A-game to take a higher ranking, but I can personally recommend Pizzeria Bebu in Lincoln Park.

BBQ in … everywhere

You can’t make a ‘top eats’ list for the USA without mentioning BBQ. They’re got this absolutely down pat across the entire country, and each region/state has their own take on things which makes it an absolute treat to try from the East Coast to the West. Having said all that, though, I must say the southern states are the kings and queens of the grills and smokers – one of the best meals I’ve ever had (like, EVER) was at Central BBQ in Memphis, Tennessee.

So there you have it; my list of the five foods I cannot recommend more highly while you’re making your way through the vast and beautiful US of A.