Top Instagram-Worthy Facades Across Eastern Europe

 With its great diversity, stunning architecture, sea, and mountains, Eastern Europe has always been a fascinating destination at any time of the year. It is also famous for its incredible sense of culture despite the historical and political upheavals in some parts of the continent. 


In my unbiased opinion, Eastern Europe provides a more eclectic mix of modern cities and villages with a rich cultural heritage than its predominantly Southern counterpart, though the idyllic beach spots of Southern Europe are truly one to talk about.


If you want to explore white sandy beaches just a short walk to a modern city with photogenic medieval spots and designer stores, lush forests, fairy tale winters, Eastern Europe is a perfect destination. And that’s before you even consider the wonderful people living in this part of historical Europe. 


So, with all that beauty and plenty of Instagrammable spots all around, you would be hard-pressed not to get out your camera and share the wonderful experiences with your crowd. 


If you already read about my favourite spots in Eastern Europe, here are some of the most Instagram-worthy facades across the continent to add on to the list:


1. The Old City Walls in Dubrovnik, Croatia


Croatia is not just known for World Cup soccer. It is also known for having stunning views along the Adriatic coast. Dubrovnik in Croatia is in fact a UNESCO-protected city fondly referred to as the Pearl of the Adriatic or the City of Red Rooftops. 


Some of the best spots in Dubrovnik include the charming Old Town with its pedestrian-only white limestone streets, baroque churches, and ancient stone ramparts with stunning views of the sea. 


The city is riddled with both new and ancient treasures that appeal to history lovers, romantics, beach bums, and even Game of Thrones fans. 

For the perfect Instagram shot, get to the Old Walls of the City before sunset and snap the awesome views of the city and the Adriatic Sea. 


2. Budapest – The Castle Hill


The Castle Hill in Budapest provides another awesome spot to take your Instagram-worthy photos in the Hungarian capital. 


Simply head over to the church and bastion to enjoy spectacular views of the Danube stretching all the way to the Parliament building. 


There’s even a UNESCO-listed castle in Budapest, which is a perfect photo spot. To get to the castle, take bus number 16 or simply take a stroll to the castle from the bastion while enjoying the rich cultural and architectural heritage of this part of the city. 


Budapest’s food scene can only be rivaled by the interesting dishes of Central Europe


3. Prague – The Charles Bridge


Prague is a city that looks like some town torn out of the pages of a fairy tale into the real world. It is in fact hard to pinpoint which part of the city to include in our list of the most instagrammable spots in Eastern Europe. 


However, from experience, the best spot would definitely be atop the Charles Bridge with the Vltava River as a perfect backdrop. This is a great spot to snap memorable shots with views of statues and the Prague skyline behind. 


4. Bulgaria – Veliko Tarnovo


Bulgaria is another of my favourites, especially with its friendly people and cheap prices. 


For the best photo spots, I’d highly recommend the countryside enclaves such as Veliko Tarnovo and Plovdiv, which are famous for the historical Tsarevets Fortress and the Medieval Old Town. These are perfect spots to take spectacular shots. 


Work that camera!


As a land of glitter and charming medieval old towns, Eastern Europe has many stunning spots for Instagram-worthy shots including the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro, Kalemegdan in Belgrade, and the Old Bobsleigh track in Sarajevo just to mention a few. The region has strong traditional values and friendly people as well. 


So, if you haven’t really explored Eastern Europe yet, get there as soon as the world opens again after the pandemic hiatus.